Art is the language that does not need to be translated

Experience Workshops

Vision Experience     


Ideal for the Visionary in you, the Vision Experience allows for clarity of one's wants and desires through creativity. You will design your personal ambitions and life goals into a tangible vision that can be displayed for your inspiration. In collaboration with reflective mediation to help relax the mind, the body, and relieve stress; you will be guided to envision your collage of words, pictures, and phrases to express your life journey.

Cost: $15 p/p (date to be announced)

Reflection Experience

The reflection experience is based on the notion that we are our own worst critics. Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves that we begin to believe what we think. Across America we have seen many instances of bullying based on appearance. The Reflection Experience is built on the premise that “we all are beautiful” The Reflection Experience fosters self-esteem and assists individuals in feeling comfortable in their own skin. The Reflection Experience is a hands-on experience where individuals create positive affirmation tiles and place them around their mirror. Once completed the individual will have their personal decorated mirror with all positive traits about themselves.

Cost: $25 p/p 

Woosa Experience

Stress, it's just a part of life and no matter how much we want to just find a place to re-center its just not possible sometimes. But we forget that finding a moment to just get-a-way can be simple as opening a box. Like a memory box, your personalized Woosa Box has all the tools to "Wooosa"           

Stress, it's just a part of life and no matter how much we woosa

Cost: $25 p/p

Credo Experience      

Latin for "I believe", Credo is a statement of the beliefs that guide someone's actions. Let the faith of your words claim your individualism with this hands-on experience developing your CREDO and transforming the statement onto a t-shirt that is made with vibrant colors of your choice. Once the CREDO is colored on the front, the back of the t-shirt is then re-styled into ship and trendy shirt to show off in style.

Cost: $25 p/p

Art is the language that does not need to be translated

Inside Out Experience

Explore your creative side while building social skills, self-esteem, and coping skills. This is a 24-week group for women and adolescents ages 11 to who experience difficulties in self-expression, social skills, self esteem, and coping mechanisms.

The Inside Out Experience is a 24-week course which utilizes creative arts as a means to encourage and facilitate positive behavioral expressions. Each week the participants will complete a project geared to the topic. When the session is complete the individual gets to take home their finished piece of artwork.

Listed below are the 24-week sessions with the objectives and goals. Weeks 2, 4, 6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22 are discussion sessions. 

Week 1: Vision Experience

Objective: To gain clarity of one’s goals and self-intent

Goal: To be able to identify one’s goals and visualize where one wants to be


Week 3: Reflection Experience

Objective: To build positive thoughts of oneself

Goal: To be able to see oneself in a positive light

Week 5: Woosa Experience

Objective: To develop coping strategies when someone is stressed

Goal: To be able to relieve stress in a positive manner through appropriate coping

Week 7: Mantra Experience

Objective: To develop positive feelings about oneself and develop positive communication about self to others

Goal: To increase positive thinking about oneself and others


Week 9: Credo Experience

Objective: To develop confidence in oneself and one’s actions

Goal: To be able to think and feel positively about oneself and the life they live

Week 11: Message on the Bottle Experience

Objective: To transform one’s thoughts and feelings onto a creative piece of art

Goal: To develop positive communication with others and build relationship with others

Week 13: Out of the Ashes Experience

Objective: To develop coping skills through difficult experiences

Goal: To learn how to positive express oneself and exhibit positive coping strategies

Week 15: Session – Unveiling the Mask Experience

Objective: To learn to address your fears

Goal: To improve self-esteem from the inside out

Week 17: Session –Mandala Experience

Objective: To gain personal insight, self-understanding and empowerment

Goal: To gain knowledge of self and clarity of connections between the world and self

Week 19: Session – Forgiveness Experience

Objective: To learn forgiveness is a process

Goal: To gain the ability to express past experience with the people they are working to forgive

Week 21 Session – Happy Day Experience

Objective: To learn the importance of happy memories and how they impact our lives

Goal: To turn one’s gloomy day into something more positive and upbeat.

Week 23: Decompress/Wrap up

Objective: To allow participants the ability to talk about their experiences of the sessions

Goal: Individuals will be able to openly discuss how they feel in a positive manner

Cost: $20 per session

*must attend all sessions**

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