Tasteful Art Experience has been developed based on Dr. Iglesias research she completed with art therpist's from all over the United States. Based on her research, she found creative arts as a means to work with individuals dealing with aggression, tension, anger, and stress. Most importantly, she found meeting the cognitive levels and building an alliance with the individual is paramount. Dr. Iglesias uses both of these concepts within the Tasteful Art Experience. Through her research and research of others it has been found the use of art through creative means has reduced aggression, anger, tension, and stress. In addition, it improves impulse control, emotional expression, coping skills, and social skills. Previous research showed through art participants reported they developed the ability to sustain relationships with other participants adding to their social wellbeing. Furthermore, research describes the use of visual arts as another form of communicating and self-expression for the therapist along with the client (Harter, 2007). Visual arts are said to have the ability to change the clients physical and mental well-being (Bolwerk et al., 2014). Harter (2007) explains the use of visual arts to George Kelly’s (1955/1991) description of the creativity cycle as it elaborates on the creative process showing how one can create new possibilities and it explores their personal and professional identities (Scheer & Sewell, 2006).





Dr. Stephanie Iglesias

Dr. Stephanie Iglesias is the founder of Tasteful Art, a hands on interactive business that allows individuals to use art as a means to transcend positive behavioral expressions. Through Dr. Iglesias' own research on art therapy, she has developed her own theory of art therapy when working with aggressive youth. In 2014, Dr. Iglesias became an International best-selling co-author of Motherhood Dreams and Success: You Can Have It All, an anthology from women all over the globe who despite adversity conquered their dreams.  Dr. Iglesias is a writer for Focused 2 Enable Magazine. In addition, Dr. Iglesias has been employed with the State of New Jersey as a child welfare worker for the past 13 years. In her work, Dr. Iglesias is an expert in her field and has been nominated as D.Y.F.S. Worker of the Year for her hard work and dedication to children and families. Additionally, Dr. Iglesias is a Family Team Meeting coach in which she facilitates and develops long term plans for families to reach their personal goals, along with identifying their underlying needs.


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